Whisk and Paddle

After booking our BTO unit last year, we have been heading to Punggol more frequently, mainly to check out the progress of our building and also to explore the area. Awhile back, we went to this place (within walking distance from our home… so awesome!) at night to have dinner and I fell in love with the vibrancy. There were several restaurants and a prawning area with loud pop music. So happening! Haha.

We went back on a later date in the afternoon to have brunch at Whisk & Paddle.

Really quite nice having my food with a view of nature! It’s kinda good to get away from the busy city once in awhile.

The outdoor seats are sheltered but it can get a little warm, so it is probably better to sit indoors and enjoy the fans!

Cold drink, essential for such a hot day!

We were there around 2pm and many items on the menu were already sold out. The couple next to us eventually ended up with only drinks because every single dish they wanted was not available. Haha. It was quite amusing.

We settled for smoked salmon poached eggs hollandaise sauce on waffles. It was quite an interesting change from the usual muffins, but still very photogenic!

We also ordered the Ham and Pineapple Pizza, and it was such an appetizing sight when it arrived! Can’t stop staring at this photo as I blog! Haha.

Sides of wedges with cheese dip.

Slightly lighter makeup that day!

My refreshing ice tea ^_^

Do check out the area if you are nearby! I love the place so much and look forward to spending more time here after we move in! It’s also an alternative to Punggol Settlement, which can get really too crowded at times.

Whisk and Paddle
10 Tebing Lane, 828836
Nearest LRT – Riviera

After lunch, we took a short walk along the river, enjoying the breeze.

Wore a checkered outerwear from www.earthdoll.co over a plain white tee and skorts! Not my usual style but I quite like how it turned out. The cut was also very flattering, not baggy at all!

Of course, we also went to check out the progress of our new home ^_^ Can’t wait to see our exact unit being built! No, strike that – Can’t wait for the entire estate to finish building so that I can move in as soon as possible! Haha.

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Till next time! 

Whisk and Paddle

2 thoughts on “Whisk and Paddle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cant wait for your house to be built and the type of interior design both of you will be having 🙂

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